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Stories of Hope

Oct 6, 2022

Bernie Muendel had an encounter with the Salvation Army and God most powerfully when a Salvation Army Major hugged him when he was at his lowest point.  Her love and that moment, set in motion a life transformation that has impacted thousands of lives.  Bernie worked in the Salvos rehab program in NSW for 18 years...

Oct 2, 2022

Spirituality is a bit mysterious and hard to understand, but it seems to come to everyone in some way or another and like Jesus waking on water to comfort his disciples, it is often unlikely, but very real when we are struggling.  Dr Lisa Miller in her book "The Awakened Brain" says we all have a beautiful innate...

Sep 29, 2022

Graeme Mclimont passed away suddenly in September 2022.  I interviewed him on this podcast in May of 2022 and repost this today as a way to remember and honor this amazing man.

Graeme was a lecturer at the Salvo training college the lovely Sue and I attended back in 1991. He has had a stellar career in the Salvos and...

Sep 27, 2022

My expert ten year old on the podcast today is Aaliyah who lives in Sydney. She has a lot to say and is a very interesting and delightful young lady!

Sep 25, 2022

There are too many big issues to resolve and I sometimes feel insignificant and powerless.  But if we love like Jesus did, we will do the small things that make the world beautiful and hopeful.