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Stories of Hope

Nov 29, 2020

Toni Hoffman exposed Jayant Patel as a dodgy surgeon and was tormented and ridiculed for her trouble. Doing the right thing often results in shining a confronting light on the dodgy and they might get cranky, but lets do it anyway!

Nov 26, 2020

Paul Maunder runs a front line work for the salvos in a challenging inner city suburb in Brisbane. He has known personal tragedy, losing his sister at an early age, but loves his family and is a beacon of love and light for lots of hurting people.

Nov 24, 2020

Robbo is one of my heroes. He is the friendliest bloke I know. He came to a school with me one time and shared about the work of the Salvos. It went really well and the teacher gave us some money to go to Maccas afterwards. GOLD!!

Nov 22, 2020

Being peacemakers in a world of troubles is a challenge. Lets start with the small stuff and do our part to be at peace with our friends, colleagues and family. Remembering to put the rubbish bins out on time, helps.

Nov 19, 2020

Join Bryce as he has a chat with Major Sandra Mclean (His boss) and Lauren Martin (journalist with the Salvos) about the Podcast journey so far. (WARNING - there is some kazoo playing in this episode)