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Stories of Hope

Sep 30, 2021

Ann Maree attends my Rotary club and is working towards becoming a mid life mentor for women. "Women in their fifties suddenly become invisible" Ann Maree participates in a number of networking groups and is always growing. She is quite delightful.

Sep 28, 2021

Many of our kitchen appliances are amazing, but they sometimes live in the dark cluttered corners of our low cupboards - unused and unappreciated. But if they are out in the open and have a regular use, they are terrific!

Sep 26, 2021

Jesus had an agenda to smash through the old religious idea that certain people were in and others were out.  His association with the dodgeyest people in town infuriated the polite and respectable religious leaders of his day.  He cast the net wide!

Sep 23, 2021

"Going to church" is a phrase Christians use to describe their involvement in the gathered people of God. Traditionally this has focused around what happens on a Sunday morning. Join me and my friends Matt and Sandy as we chat about how that looks today.

Sep 21, 2021

The lovely Sue and I attended a night of poetry last week with my Rotary club. It was not exactly Dead poets society, but it was profound, nostalgic, funny and highly relational.