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Stories of Hope

Dec 29, 2022

Wez Koni was born in PNG and rolled into a fire when he was just three years old suffering dreadful burns. Even after 33 major operations, a move to another country and the challenge of finding the confidence to be himself, he sees his life as blessed. And he does amazing coffee art!

Dec 25, 2022

Even magical genies find some things impossible to understand. So it stands to reason that we will need the humility to shift our views on life and God from time to time.

Dec 22, 2022

Amaru is a ten year old young lady who lives in Brisbane on Yugambeh land and is of Aboriginal and South Sea Islander decent.  I know her Mum Lucy.  We have a chat about her life and what she is interested in and it will make you smile, make you think and make you hopeful for the future.  She is delightful.

Dec 18, 2022

G'day.  This episode is a recap of the year that was and an update on what is on the cards for 2023.

I want to thank you for listening in and being supportive and to wish you all a terrific Christmas.  

Dec 15, 2022

Emma grew up with the love and support of a devoted mother who raised her and her two siblings alone.  Her family was helped by the Salvos at Christmas one year and from there she connected and is still a Salvo today.  Her journey of faith started at age 7 when she encountered the secure and comforting love of God in a...