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Stories of Hope

Jul 29, 2021

Dr Russell Rook grew up in a Salvo family in the UK and attends the Raynes Park Salvos in the UK. He is the founder of a variety of amazing charities, he consults members of Parliament and is a fellow trombone player!

Jul 27, 2021

For most of us, self-discipline is a challenge and we need to get involved in events that inspire us and hold us accountable. No one will sponsor me for Dry July, but if it was dry from coffee and chocolate, I might get a few more takers.

Jul 25, 2021

The Bible mentions sheep over 200 times. And as I often relate, feeling a bit stupid and lost, I like to hear what it has to say. Turns out Sheep shouldn’t try to be tigers and actually need other sheep and the humility to accept a bit of guidance.

Jul 22, 2021

Born in Northern Ireland, Sharon Callister is an amazing ultra marathon runner, recently completing a 320 kilometer event in the Arctic Circle. She was also the CEO of the Salvos Aged Care Plus for ten years and made a massive contribution.

Jul 20, 2021

We find meaning in our lives when we have healthy relationships. When we are in lockdown and tempted to stock up on dunny paper and look after No 1, lets take opportunities to look out for others and connect, even if it involves songs about squirrels.