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Stories of Hope

Nov 29, 2022

Rachel is 11 years old and lives with her mum and dad and two sisters in Melbourne.  She is a second cousin to me and I think she is terrific.  She has lots to share about her life and has a great little giggle that will brighten your day.  

Nov 27, 2022

Jesus warned the disciples against the yeast of the Pharisees; an arrogant form of spiritual pride and certainty that required signs from heaven and adherence to strict rules.   Jesus was teaching the disciples to be leaders who were curious, uncertain and reflective.  Open to be corrected and more dedicated to loving...

Nov 24, 2022

Noela is an honorary member of my Rotary Club and has always been active in serving others, both here in Australia and in her beloved Tanzania.  Her life story is not without hardship and she has allowed these challenges to shape her compassionate and generous heart. 

Nov 20, 2022

There have been times when I have spoken before big crowds and been seen to do amazing work only come home to the lovely Sue who is cranky with me for being a jerk.  Integrity and character is found in the simple and the everyday goodness and kindness of our relationships and service.  

Nov 17, 2022

I trained as a Salvo officer with Kathryn back in 1994, but our lives have taken us in different directions and so catching up on her interesting and inspiring life story has been wonderful.  She is as kind and intelligent as I remember her from college days and add to that the courage and grace to take on the...