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Stories of Hope

Aug 7, 2022

There will always be difficult times in life, as we are all subject to sickness, conflict and ultimately death. But to be filled with fear is just going to make things worse. So we do have an option to remain calm, even if we forget to put the bins out.

Aug 4, 2022

Karl and his family immigrated from the UK in 2016 and were living their dream of a whole new life in Australia. But Karl's 7 year old son Richie was diagnosed with cancer and that set the family into an 18 month long whirlwind of hospitals and grueling treatment regimes. Tragically, Richie passed away in September...

Jul 31, 2022

When we live wholeheartedly and shine brightly, we need not be afraid of what others might think. Our lives are often wonderful and inspiring and it's a very loving thing to share this with the people we care about. It's good for them.

Jul 28, 2022

Ryan's mum worked with me a few years ago and he now lives with his parents and his little brother in Tasmania. He is nearly 8 years old and wants to buy a house with a very unique added extra. He is also a dinosaur expert!

Jul 24, 2022

When we love people we are foolish to expect predictable outcomes as a result. The journey to wholeness and growth is a mystery, much like how a seed germinates in the darkness of the soil to become a beautiful flower.